Steel 4 Inch Cutting Wheel Compare Testing

- Oct 29, 2017-

Basic Information 

One India customer took some local India market 4" cutting wheels to visit us on 24th October.  We did the 4 inch cutting wheel compare testing on stainless steel bar with size 16mm in our testing room .   



visiting customer _副本.jpg

   India customer visited us on 24th October and took India local market cutting wheel samples above to do compare testing 

After testing , JUMA ABRASIVE 4 inch cutting wheels have the best performance . All the 4" cutting wheels are tested on stainless steel bar with size 16mm by the same technical engineer .    

The detail results as follows ,

cutting wheel type
Brand name orginal outer sizeAmount cuts befor run out Remaining size after testingNumber of Fiberglass nets 
107x1.2x16mm   YURI ( India brand )107 mm11 cuts 65 mm one net 
107x1.2x16mm RTC ( India brand )107 mm8 cuts 67 mm one net 
105x1.2x16mm Mebote ( India brand )105 mm9 cuts 66 mm two nets 
105x1.2x16mmGolden Bullet  ( India brand )105 mm8 cuts 65 mm one net 
105x1.2x16mmXtra-Power ( India brand )105 mm14 cuts 65 mm two nets 
105x1.2x16mmLG.W  ( our company )105 mm18 cuts 65 mm one net 
105x1.2x16mmJUMA ( our company )105 mm34 cuts 65 mm two nets 

The apperance of 4 inch steel cutting wheel after compare testing as follows ,


After testing , the customer felt so surprised about our quality and put order goods at once . 

Due to the high quality abrasive cutting wheel , Depressed center grinding disc and abrasive flap disc , we export many more abrasive products to diffrent countries , including the India market by using our brand name and customers' own brand name through the OEM order .

Quality commitment and quality assurance 

JUMA ABRASIVE CO.,LTD. solemnly promise that, if any question of quality occurs to our products, we will shoulder the responsibility.    At the same time , we will supply the free samples for every customer if they need . 

Every customer will get 100% satisfaction during our cooperation


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