Technology Research And Development Ability On Cutting Wheel And Grinding Disc

- Aug 30, 2017-

As a high quality abrasive products manufacture , JUMA ABRASIVE CO.,LTD not only can manufacture the best quality abrasive cutting wheel, grinding disc , abrasive flap disc and fiberglass backing plate , but also can help customer research and development new special products to sale . 

1: New special appearance cutting wheel 

special apperance cutting wheel _副本.jpg

This cutting wheel is the stainless steel cutting disc 4" ( 105x1.2x16mm) with special appearance on side . This special cutting wheel researched by our company have the better appearance to help customer improve the sale amount .  

About the performance of this abrasive cut-off wheel ,  it have the same advantages as our other cutting wheel with common appearance as follows : 

High metal removal rate , High stability,  High efficiency, 

Less material loss, noise and dust

Maximum safety

Can be used for cutting special steel , especially the stainless steel cutting 

2: New special cutting wheel 4" with two color on each side and have best vertical degree on steel incision. 

砂轮样本PDF 版本IMG_20170824_151113_副本.jpg

This cutting wheel belong to the OEM abrasive cutting wheel order  have two color on each side . Red color on one side and green color on the other side . 

The size of this abrasive cutting wheel  :   4" abrasive cutting wheel  105x1.2x16mm 

Application of this abrasive cutting disc :   It can be use for metal steel , Inox steel cutting , Non-ferrous metal steel cutting ;

Special advantage of this cutting wheel  as follows :

 Best cutting feeling 

 High metal removal rate , High stability,  High efficiency, 

Best vertical degree on steel incision to ensure the next production art 

  Better market feedback for the special apperance and using 

3: Abrasive flap disc with print fiberglass backing plate 

About the abrasive flap disc manufacture in our company , we not only use more abrasive material on our abrasive flap disc , but also use the best fiberglass backing plate on flap disc .  That is why some famouse abrasive agents cooperated with us and do business with our company .

print fiberglass backing plate _副本.jpg

This abrasive flap disc belong to the OEM order for our customer . During the manufacture process , we use the special abrasive fiberglass backing plate with pressing and printing  customer's brand lable on side directly .  So that it can ensure the apperance of abrasive flap disc . 

The special character of this print fiberglass backing plate as follows 

1)、This print fiberglass backing plate have 9 layer with customer's brand lable instead of black paper on it 

2) 、This abrasive fiberglass backing plate used for abrasive flap disc 100x16mm , have the main advantage as follows 

High strength,

High flexible capacity ,

High stability conducive to the quality of flap disc 

3) 、 Special apperance of flap disc for customer's sale .

Introduction of quality control system in JUMA ABRASIVE CO.,LTD 

JUMA ABRASIVE CO., LTD. , a well-known China enterprise, is engaged in manufacturing professional resin abrasives with its production scale being in the leading position of China.

JUMA ABRASIVE CO., LTD have the strictly executes quality management system of ISO 9001 in company operation, equipped with advanced production facilities, has a leading level in product designing and development, and has a perfect and strict testing system for material collecting, procedure control, end-product testing and detailed records of production which have made the Company to be able to optimize its production mode successively so as to meet with higher requirements from the clients.

Due to the high quality abrasive products assurance ability , many abrasive products agents joined us and do business with our company . 

We solemnly promise that, if any question of quality occurs to our products, we will shoulder the responsibility. . Every customer will get 100% satisfaction during our cooperation.

Welcome your inquiry and visit .