The Main Abrasive Grains Used On Our Products

- May 09, 2020-

During the cut-off disc and grinding disc choosing process, many more customers don't know how to choose right products for their using and sale . Now we show some explanation about the abrasive grains used on our cut-off disc and grinding disc.

abrasive cutting wheel raw material

In our company , we mainly use four different abrasive grains to make the right cut-off disc and grinding disc for customers. 

1: Silicon Carbide 

This material is very hard and brittle abrasives used for surface grinding of glass or stone materials. Sometimes , we also mix this kind material into our cut-off disc and grinding disc to ensure the cutting and grinding performance during the cast iron materials working process . 

2: Aluminum Oxide 

This material is most popular during the production process . The character of this abrasive grain is hard and durable . It can be used for grinding and cutting alloyed, non-alloyed steel and stainless steel ( Inox) materials. 

3: Zirconia 

It belong to the hard and very durable abrasive used for grinding and cutting process of high-alloyed steel , alloyed and cast steel materials . 

4: Ceramic 

This abrasive grain have hard and very durable , long-lasting and self sharpening character . It can be used for cutting and grinding process of high-alloyed steel and hardended material . 

Different abrasive grain have different price cost , that is why the same type cut-off disc and grinding disc can have different price during the sale process . 

14inch cutting wheel

In order to ensure our cutting wheel and grinding disc can meet different customers' need , we always use the mix material to produce our products , so that our customer not only can get high quality abrasive products , but also can have lower price cost to order goods from us . 

Our aim is that to increase customer satisfaction and loyalty by supplying our innovative abrasive products with superior performance and higher quality during the sale process . 

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