The Selection Of 14inch Cut-off Disc

- May 24, 2020-

As a high quality cutting wheel and grinding disc manufacture , we know that the stationary Machine Cut-off Disc 14inch is very popular in the market. Facing many products in the market, how to buy the best 14 inch cut-off disc  maybe a problem that every customer needs to face.

In order to make every customer know how to select the right 14inch cut-off disc for the using , we show some knowledge for your checking follows , 

1: Application of 14inch cut-off disc 

14inch cut-off discs have the outer size 350mm-355mm and they are always used on the stationary Machine for cutting process of metal steel 、stainless steel 、cast iron 、rail steel 、nonferrous materials and so on. 

    14inch cutting wheel application                             14inch cut-off disc application

As a direct user , you should know which material you are going to cut off firstly , so that you can do next step : choose the right 14inch cutting wheel for your workpiece . 

2:  the thickness of 14inch cut-off disc choice 

As a high quality abrasive cut-off disc and grinding wheel manufacture , during our manufacture process , the thickness of 14inch cut-off disc can be 2.5mm 、2.8mm 、3.0mm 、3.5mm and 4.0mm .

The 2.5mm 、2.8mm and 3.0mm thickness of 14inch cut-off disc are always used for metal steel 、stainless steel 、other nonferrous materials and some precision cutting ;

The 3.5mm and 4.0mm thickness of 14inch cut-off disc are always used for large hardened steels 、cast iron and rail steel.

Choosing the right 14inch cut-off disc with appropriate thickness not only can help direct user to improve work efficiency, but also can help direct user to save using cost . 

3: How to distinguish the quality of 14inch cutting wheel ? 

As we know , every customer pay more attention to the performance of 14inch cutting wheel during the using process . 

The sharpness and the durability character is the main technical indicators during the cutting performance . 

Generally speaking , the sharpness and durability character are the opposite sides during the cutting performance . 

In the market , many more suppliers only can ensure one character of their cutting wheel and grinding disc . So the best quality 14 inch cut-off disc can have the best sharpness and the durability character at the same time. 

4: Which item can affect the quality of 14inch cut-off disc during the manufacture process ? 

During the manufacture process , the kind and quality grade of abrasive Raw material 、resin bond 、fiberglass net will main affect the quality of 14inch cut-off disc . 

At the same time , the production art 、Hardening temperature curve setting and the quality control system of direct factory also can affect the quality of 14inch cut-off disc. 

All these reason above , many buyer can meet many kinds of 14inch cut-off disc with different quality level and different price in the market . 

If you want to get the high quality 14inch cut-off disc for using and sale , you can contact us latter . 

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