The View Of JUMA ABRASIVE CO.LTD And The Cutting Wheel/grinding Disc/flap Disc Production Line

- Mar 10, 2017-

JUMA ABRASIVE CO., LTD. , a well-known China enterprise, is engaged in manufacturing professional resin abrasives with its production scale being in the leading position of China. The company which was established in 1997 integrated product development, designing, production, sales and services into a whole.

 1. In 1996, “ JUMA” was registered officially from National industrial and commercial bureau
  2.  In January 1997, established formally “JUMA ABRASIVE CO., LTD “

  3.  During 1998-2001, Company updated and acquired equipment on a large-scale, and R&D new processes, new products 

 4.  In 2005, company’s sales volume broke through 100 million.

  5.In 2012, company’s sales volume broke through 500 million. 

  6. In 2013, In order to satisfy the need of our abrasive products , the new plant project with 100000 square meters started to build .

 7. In 2014, The new factory put into using and start to manufacture high quality abrasive products by the new CNC automatic production line.

 8. In 2015 , the production capacity of our new factory and old factory broke through 1000 million.


        Our old factory(still be used)                                  Our new factory 

JUMA ABRASIVE CO., LTD.  is located in High Zone, Luoyang City, Henan Province,China. The company has already owned 150 sets of advanced manufacturing production line,50 sets in our old factory and the 100 new full automatic production line were put into use in our new factory which have 100000 square meters with the registered capital ¥15,000,000. The company owns the staff of more than 500, the middle and advanced engineers, technicians and skillful workers account for over 60% of the staff.  

JUMA ABRASIVE CO.,LTD. can manufacture and supply many kinds of abrasive products, such as T41 flat cutting wheel, T42 Depressed Center Cutting and Grinding Wheel,  T27 Depressed Center Grinding Wheel, Flexible Depressed Center Grinding Disc, Abrasive Flap Disc, Abrasive Flap Wheel, Abrasive Fiberglass Backings Plate For Flap Disc  and so on.

The products manufactured by our company have been exported to Japan, South Korea, India 、the Middle East, European countries ,the United States and other states with our own international brand.  Some famouse agents all over the world cooperate with our company and demand us to supply the OEM products for their using and sale . 

QQ图片20170121101104_副本.pngProducts Application 

JUMA abrasive products , such as cutting wheel , grinding wheel , abrasive flap disc , abrasive flap wheel can be used for grinding, polishing and cleaning during the using process . The abrasive products are widely used for cutting and grinding metal steel , stainless steel products, hardened steel, heat resistant steel, brass tube, brass products, aluminum material, aluminum tube etc. Our abrasive cutting wheel , grinding wheel , abrasive flap disc , abrasive flap wheel are the best choice for grinding, polishing and cleaning in the industries as follows ,

1、              Machinery industry

2、              Automobiles industry

3、              Ship building

4、              Oil Gas manufacture

5、              Metallurgy area

6、              Investment Castings 

7、              Construction Industry

8、              Rail way building and other special Industry.


Our Company JUMA ABRASIVE CO.,LTD have strictly executes quality management system of ISO 9001 in company operation, equipped with advanced production facilities, has a leading level in product designing and development, and has a perfect and strict testing system for material collecting, procedure control, end-product testing and detailed records of production which have made the Company to be able to optimize its production mode successively so as to meet with higher requirements from the clients.

ISO 认证.png

Production Equipment

Our company JUMA ABRASIVE CO.,LTD has already owned 150 sets of advanced manufacturing production line,50 sets in our old factory and the 100 new full automatic advanced production line were put into use in our new factory .

Our company JUMA ABRASIVE CO.,LTD, aiming at occupying the market with high quality products, obtaining a swift growth through excellent service and making friends all over the world by credibility, is making great efforts to be a credible manufacturer of our client and making us to be one of the largest resin abrasive manufacturers and suppliers in the world.

QQ图片20170310111104_副本.png  Different product line for different typeQQ图片20170310111125_副本.pngThe Longest Tunnel Kiln controlled by computer in China


The View of our abrasive products storeroom

Due to the strong guarantee of quality products, JUMA  abrasive products series have become the leader of medium/high-grade brands in China's grinding tool industry.  At  the same time they are welcome in the foreign market .  Some foreign customers would like to become our agent in their country , just because our abrasive products have strong competitiveness and high quality. Because of the high quality products with lower price, we also cooperate with some foreign distributor of the International famous brand abrasives and we supply the OEM products with the same quality products according to their requirements. OEM 产品.pngWe/JUMA ABRASIVE CO.LTD  solemnly promise that, if any question of quality occurs to our products, we will shoulder the responsibility. At the same time , we will supply the free samples for every customer if they need . Every customer will get 100% satisfaction during our cooperation

As a very active manufacture, we do try our best to give you perfect sales service, such as online guide for simple maintenance of the abrasives. Your requirements will be fully understood and 100% followed in case of order in JUMA ABRASIVE CO., LTD. 

Welcome your visit and inquiry!