Use Guide For Resin Cutting Wheel

- Mar 12, 2020-

Resin cutting blades, also known as resin grinding wheels, are resin abrasives mainly made of chemical synthetic fiber fabrics as an added material. They have relatively high tensile, impact and bending strength, and have high line speed when used. Resin grinding wheels are often installed on electric and pneumatic polishing machines, which can repair various metal surfaces, clean welds, solder joints, remove rust, sand casting burrs, flash, repair surface defects, and slot and cut workpieces. jobs. The use of resin wheels is efficient and safe, and is suitable for industrial sectors such as chemical industry, shipbuilding, machinery, automobile, construction and so on. Today, I will simply share with you how to use it.


    First, if the tangent line is not straight or broken, this is mainly due to the improper diameter of the mounting flange, the operation of the mounting flange, and the incorrect operation of the machine; Caused by thin.

Second, the inner diameter is damaged. The main reason for this phenomenon is improper assembly, the cutting blade is used as a grinding blade, and the flange is partially lost.

3. If its wear is large, this is mainly caused by the machine rotating too fast and the peripheral speed being too fast. In addition to this reason, it should be noted that if the cut surface is white, the slice is too soft. If the cut surface discolors, the degree of consolidation is too hard.

24. The main reason for the discoloration of the cutting surface is that the slice is too hard, and the cross-sectional area of the cut object is larger than the slice diameter. There is also a long cutting time and low motor power.

Fifth, the rim tears, and this phenomenon is mainly due to the use of cutting blades as abrasive discs, which is caused by improper use. Or due to improper machine operation, the workpiece is clamped by the spring.

    1. Use angle grinder with safety cover, cutting machine with safety cover;

2. Wear protective glasses, masks, earplugs, gloves, and dustproof clothing;

3. Use at the highest peripheral speed of ultra-thin resin cutting blades, the maximum number of revolutions used;

4. Never use the side of the resin cutting blade;

5. Use the correct flange. No enhancement: more than 1/3; there is enhancement: more than 1/4;

6. Confirm that the resin cutting sheet is free from chipping, cracks, and cracks before use;

7. Store the resin cutting blade in a place without direct sunlight and moisture, and place it horizontally;

8. It is recommended to idle for one minute before starting to use ultra-thin resin cutting blades. When replacing a new type of resin cutting blade, please idle for 3 minutes before using;

9. Fix the object to be cut firmly;

10. If the inside diameter of the resin cutting blade is not matched with the equipment, please do not change the hole diameter of the grinding wheel.

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