Use Resin Grinding Wheel Selection

- Nov 23, 2016-

1, good organization and uniformity and no cracks, off, mute the sound Hu is the fundamental embodiment of quality wheels

2 grams, swing speed, static balancing and limit deviations of geometry is important guarantee of wheel safety

3, cutting material, polished Burr of workpiece in the course, only maximize wheel use the characteristics can help you increase productivity, reduce consumption and save production costs. How to maximize wheel using the attribute, only in accordance with the selected workpiece materials grinding wheel

4, and wheel grain degrees of select directly effect to artifacts surface finish and grinding efficiency, generally, with rough grain degrees wheel grinding Shi grinding efficiency high, but artifacts processing Hou surface compared rough, with fine grain degrees of wheel grinding Shi, artifacts surface of finish to better, but grinding efficiency low, anyway, in meet artifacts surface finish requirements of premise Xia, should as selection grain degrees more rough of wheel, to guarantee high of grinding efficiency

5, typically cutting grinding higher hardness of the workpiece should use soft hardness of grinding wheel, grinding the softer workpiece, hardness slightly hard grinding wheels should be used, with soft g steel, steel and consumer goods soft. The contact surface of the grinding wheel and the workpiece or grinding while under pressure, hardness should be used slightly softer wheel, grinding of low thermal conductivity of the workpiece, in order to avoid burns, annealing, slightly softer wheel hardness of grinding wheel should be used. When adjusting the grinding, choose soft hardness of grinding wheel.