Zirconia Aluminum Flap Disc Each Link Should Be Controlled, Standardized Operation

- Oct 30, 2017-

Zirconia Aluminum Flap Disc processing is an important link of an enterprise, it is related to the yield and profit point of a company. The higher the yield, the greater the enterprise profit point. Of course, the yield is every link to the control, standardized operation, but also the need for sophisticated equipment and strong sense of responsibility of the leadership, staff. Equipment and operating specifications we do not understand, dare not to judge, we can only cut on the knife on the basis of practice analysis. Below we talk about why the split-cut, multilateral, powder. The problem of material itself and equipment is mostly related to blade stripping, multilateral and powder removing. There are usually two kinds of blades for aluminum foil slitting. One is a round blade,Zirconia Aluminum Flap Disc one is a slice of the blade also known as a razor. The razor blade is fixed a point, to the material rewinding passively cutting, delimits opens. Aluminum foil is active slitting, the faster the speed, the smaller the blade resistance. The slower the opposite. The thickness of the blade corresponds to the resistance. The thicker the blade, the greater the resistance. The thinner the opposite. Because the razor blade is cut fixed, the knife edge and foil, thin material contact, tangent point prone to fatigue and fever, so after a period of time will not be sharp, knife blunt will appear tearing phenomenon, the emergence of powder burrs unavoidable. Of course, these are also related to slitting angles. Choosing Good razor blades is the first choice for solving these problems, and ceramic blades should be preferred.

At present Zirconia Aluminum Flap Disc enterprises want to process high value-added battery foil, but the battery foil acceptance standard is harsh. Representative lithium battery Enterprises in the like: BYD, ATL, A123 electric core enterprises, aluminum foil acceptance standards are harsh. The requirement for foil is very high, and the width, dust, edge is also harsh in the harsh. Therefore, for the production of thin-battery foil enterprises, after the processing of cutting yield, it is important.